Ability Experience

About Ability Experience

Ability Experience(formerly Push America) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1977 through Pi Kappa Phi as a way for undergraduate fraternity brothers to experience leadership development through service of people with disabilities. Ability Experience, originally Play Units for the Severely Handicapped and later known as Push America, focuses on the values on Abilities, Teamwork, Empathy, and Integrity.


In 1976, Durward Owen, then Executive Director of Pi Kappa Phi, met with leaders in Pi Kappa Phi, with an idea to use the fraternity’s undergraduate members for volunteer assistance. Thomas Sayre, a brother of the fraternity, had designed a therapeutic play unit for children with severe disabilities, and collaborated with Owen to form such a philanthropic initiative.
Ability Experience was founded in 1977 as a non-profit organization, and remains the exclusive philanthropy of Pi Kappa Phi, designed to instill lifelong service in its fraternity members, serving people with disabilities.

Disability Awareness

Since 1977, Ability Experience has developed programming for Pi Kappa Phi undergraduates and alumni, evolving ideas into nationally recognized projects that work collectively to promote a greater understanding of people with disabilities.