Pi Kappa Phi Facts

Founded: December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston
– National Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
-Colors: Gold and White
-Auxiliary Color: Blue
– Public Symbol: The Bell
-Flower: The Red Rose
-Pi Kappa Phi is the only fraternity to have created its own service organization: Ability Experience
– Convention – Supreme Chapter – every even year Leadership school – Pi Kapp College – every odd year
-Two Mid-Year Leadership Conclaves
-Thirteen Area Conclaves
o160 active chapters
o17 associate chapters
-106097 initiated brothers
– 7682 undergraduate brothers
-National Founding: December 10, 1904 at the College of Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina)
-National Convention: Supreme Chapter (every even year)
-National Leadership Schools: Pi Kapp College (each summer), Mid Year Leadership Conferences (held regionally each January)
-93 alumni chapters
-Award-winning magazine, the Star & Lamp
-Only national fraternity to establish and maintain its own national philanthropy, Push America
-Regional Leadership Events: Life 401 with John Spence
– Quarterly Magazine – The Star & Lamp
– Alumni Initiation –
Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity allows brothers to initiate men who have already attended an accredited institution. Men invite their grandfathers, fathers and brothers to take part in initiation. Alumni initiates are full members of Pi Kappa Phi and have the same rights as men initiated in college. The only restriction is they cannot previously be a member of any national social fraternity and they must be completed with their schooling. They can be members of honor fraternities and/or service fraternities.

Fraternity is not for everyone:

Good fraternities have high expectations for their members.  In addition to doing well in academics, brothers are expected to serve the community, be involved on campus, develop leadership skills, and support the fraternity for the rest of their lives.
Pi Kappa Phi is looking for men that are leaders who excel academically, are willing to volunteer in their community, can function in a social environment, and show qualities of a dedicated and hard-working individual. We want respectable and trust-worthy men who seek, and are willing to embrace, lifelong brotherhood from their brethren.
When Rushing, if you are truly interested in membership, remember, while you are judging if we are right for you, we are also judging if you are right for us. Make an effort to introduce yourself to as many of the brothers as possible. Show an enthusiasm and an eagerness to get involved and learn more about the activities of the Chapter when talking to them. If you’re good at a sport, talk about it; if you’re an officer in another organization, tell them. Ask questions. Express your concerns. Get phone numbers.  Stop by the house at some point just to hang out with the guys. You can be assured that we will consider all of these gestures when making our decisions.

Different from the rest:

While Pi Kappa Phi is a fraternity, we are not looking for those who want to join a “frat.” We will not accept those who we feel want to join because they think that fraternity life is all drinking and partying. We do not want lazy people or those who wish to join and then do nothing to be involved in chapter activities. We do not want men that show disrespect to women or any other type of person.

Net Working:
Powered by CSO– a company that specializes in career service systems– the Pi Kappa Phi Job Board is designed for both job-seekers and employers.  And while the “job-seeking” function of the job board is available exclusively to members of Pi Kappa Phi, the site does not limit who can post employment opportunities. You will meet Alumni from our chapter alone who are successful and willing to give a helping hand.